About Kathrine Fleur

Kathrine Fleur is the visionary founder and creative force behind Magic Bikinis, a bespoke fashion brand that has been at the forefront of Bodybuilding Bikinis since its inception in 2008.

She started small, crafting each piece by hand, but through her dedication to impeccable quality, meticulous attention to detail and the incredible customer service she quickly garnered a loyal following. Under her leadership, Magic Bikinis has become synonymous with custom-made, high-performance bikinis that not only meet the functional demands of competition but also showcase the individual personality and style of each athlete.

Over the years, Kathrine has expanded her brand to include a wide range of products and accessories all tailor made for the fitness industry. Magic Tan was launched in 2015, followed shortly by Magic Muscle Glaze, Magic Bikini Glue, Magic Body Polish, Magic Bikini Wash and most recently her own branded Magic Stage Heels.

Today, Kathrine Fleur with the help of her amazing team of designers and seamstresses remain at the top of their league in the bodybuilding bikini world., continually pushing the envelope and keeping abreast of global design trends, colours and crystals

Her journey is a testament to the power of merging one’s passions with a clear vision, creating a brand that is much more than just bikinis —it’s a celebration of strength, beauty, and the art of competition.

Meet the Magic Team


Founder and Owner of Magic Bikinis and Magic Tan. The Chief Magician herself.


The Chief Magician of Crystal Design. Liberace would have adored all of his sparkling capabilities.


Our Production Manager and Chief Gogo who keeps everyone in check, Miss Bossy!


The Production Assistant, all round magical helper and as quiet as a mouse…


Our feisty pocket rocket admin assistant who also has a passion for sparkles… She is really a very creative crystaller.

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