Bikini Care 

How do I wash my Magic Bikini?
  1. Please DO NOT, EVER dry clean or machine wash your bikini! Magic Bikinis are HAND WASH only! You could go about doing this in the bathroom basin or in a hand washing bowl.
  2. Cool or warm water – not too hot as it may prompt the crystals to vacate their cozy spot!
  3. Add a little squirt of Magic Bikini Wash or any other gentle liquid washing agent  to the water, and dunk your suit into the warm bubbly water.
  4. Gentle swizzle your suit around in the water. You may use an old tooth brush on the inside lining to help lift some of the more stubborn tan marks. Add a few drops extra of neat Magic Bikini Wash or gentle detergent to the toothbrush to help you along.
  5. Do not brush or rub the outside of the bikini – especially not the shiny/holographic/crystalled fabrics.
  6. Do not leave your bikini in the soapy water for too long… 15 mintues MAX.
  7. Do not use harsh detergents on your suit – this will only help to fade your colour and shine. Avoid Vanish Colours!
  8. Rinse your bikini thoroughly in fresh clean water until the water runs clear.
  9. Gentle squeeze – do not wring!
  10. Hang your bikini up to drip dry.


  1. Always wash your bikini as soon as you can after a show to prevent the tan from being able to stain your suit for longer than necessary.
  2. Always ensure that your bikini is thoroughly dry before you pack it away. Packing away a slightly damp suit will only encourage it to go mouldy and smell musty. Yuck!
  3. If you need to use bikini glue of any sort – we encourage you to use Magic Bikini Glue. It’s water soluble and washes out completely!
  4. Baby oil and glycerin are discouraged as muscle glazes as their ingredients can help to spoil fabrics further. We recommend a very light application of Magic Muscle Glaze if you would like to give your hard earned muscles a sheen.
  5. We encourage you to use a practice bikini for all bikini prep before the show! Save your beautiful stage bikini… for stage!
  6. Each bikini that is embellished with crystals will come with a small packet of extra crystals. If any crystals come off your bikini a good super glue will be fine for you to glue them back on with! Magic Bikinis that have lots and lots of crystals will have a small tube of super glue supplied with the suit.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a Magic Bikini?
  1. Firstly – it’s always good to know what the bikini requirements are of your chosen federation. Do you homework on the federation rules and guidelines.
  2. Next – surf the internet or Social Media and get an idea for what inspires you for your dream bikini. Get ideas for colour, and ideas for style.
  3. After that – all you need to do is hop onto our website and go to the page labeled “Design your Custom Bikini”. This page contains our online order form as well as all the reference photos for the different cup options, pants styles and bum coverage options that we offer. The order form will prompt you with everything that is required, as well as offer you all the fabrics that we have in your chosen colour range. Each item that you choose is priced. Our clever system adds up all of your hearts desires, and finally gives you a price on your dream suit. 
  4. Proceed to checkout and make your payment online, it is safe and a piece of cake…. (aahhh… caaaakke….no, no!!! Save the cake till after the show… 😉 )
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