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About Our Masks

Mask Wearing and Care Instructions

It is advisable to have at least 2 or 3 masks per person. This way you will always have a clean mask ready for wearing.

Our masks are designed to be streamline and non-fussy with a curve over the front of the face.

They fit snugly over the nose and mouth and each mask has a long single piece of elastic with the ends left untied, so that the wearer can tie the elastic to fit their specific head or ear measurement.

The Black, Grey and Navy masks are made with a double layer of fabric. Both layers are densely woven cotton blended fabrics. White masks are a double layer of 100% cotton.

Blinged Masks need to be washed gently by hand, to not damage the crystal work, and it is preferable to wash in hot water.

It is impossible to blow out a candle through any of our masks so there is good protection in catching any droplets that might leave the mouth or nose!

It is very important that you DO NOT touch your mask at all while you are wearing it. Please ensure that it is in the correct place on your face, covering the nose AND mouth at all times.

When you take your mask off, be sure not to touch the inside of the mask. Fold your mask over so that the moist side is on the inside. Either store your mask in a mask folder or container until you can wash it, or wash it immediately.

Avoid rubbing the inside fabric of a bling/crystal mask. Rather gently brush the inside with a nail brush and liquid soap. Our white masks can also be bleached if desired. Rinse and squeeze and drip dry.

Fabric face masks are in no way a total protection from one contracting COVID-19, however if we all wear a mask they are very effective in preventing the spread of the virus from person to person.

Wearing a masks does not replace the necessity to sanitize your hands regularly. If we all wear a mask then I protect you and you protect me and we are all safer! #masks4all.