Competition Details

How to enter:

Take a video of yourself wearing your MAGIC BIKINI on show day – or on any day that you’re all glammed up and in your Magic Bikini. Lets see all of you, your bikini and of course the bling

What will get you views?

Film a selfie or get a buddy to help you. You can simply do a selfie bikini reveal – or film your posing routine…or just do something fun and funky. It’s views that will get you the win so get creative!

Post the video to your insta profile and @magicbikinis tag us in the video so that we get notified of your entry.

Also #bikinibodybling – very important.

Last step:

Because everyone has different  amounts of followers – to even the playing field and keep it all fair - We share your video to OUR page, and tag you. Your videos will be judged by the views that it receives from OUR FOLLOWERS – so send your followers to our page to like AND view your video. Remember – you want people to be attracted to your video – so make it fun…SMILE, LAUGH, SPARKLE, SHINE

At the end of the year the video with the most views will win a R3000 custom bikini voucher from Magic Bikinis. Winners will be announced on the 31st December 2022. YOU CAN ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE.

*Prize voucher is not redeemable for cash.