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How to pick the right shoe size

All Pleaser heels are imported from America. Some shipments can take 5-6 weeks to arrive. Please ensure that you have allowed yourself enough time for this shoe ordering process to be as stress free as possible for everyone! Please do not expect your heels to arrive at your door before 5 weeks from order date.

American shoe size equivalents are 2 sizes up from our usual South African sizes. When your shoes arrive and the box label says that your shoes are two sizes bigger than you ordered egg: If you ordered a South African size 6, your box should say 8M – Please don’t panic! We have ordered what you requested us to! Simply order your South African shoe size according to the conversion on the chart below!

Through experience we have discovered that the UK sizes as stated on the Pleaser shoe box converts to a slightly smaller size than they actually are in SA, so it’s safer to order according to your sole length measurement and giving us the SA size. Below is the sole length size conversion chart. Please measure the length of your foot and compare this to the given measurements. It is up to you to make sure that you order the correct size. The length that you get compared with the sizing table on the shoe gallery page might be different to what you usually wear in South Africa. Please take special note of this.

If you submit your form with guessed or incorrect information you may just get the wrong size shoes sent you. Please also ensure that you order the correct shoe for your federation. Order in South African shoe size only. It is up to you to make sure that you order the correct size. Please also ensure that you order the correct shoe for your federation.

Once you have confirmed your shoe order with our sales team, you have committed to the purchase of the shoes. NO cancellations or amendments will be accepted!

3 22.8 cm 22 cm 21 cm 23.5 cm
4 23.6 cm 23 cm 22 cm 23.9 cm
5 24.5 cm 23.6 cm 23 cm 24.9 cm
6 25.3 cm 25.4 cm 24 cm 25.3 cm
7 26.2 cm 26.1 cm 25 cm 25.7 cm
8 27 cm 27 cm 26.7 cm 26.4 cm

Helpful hints:


    1. Make sure your feet are clean and thoroughly dry. Use a bit of talcum powder to help with this.
    2. Carefully warm up the clear plastic over the toe area with a hairdryer. When the plastic is warm its more “stretchy” and you should be able to get your feet into them.
    3. Stand in them and walk around a little bit. The plastic will soon shape to your own foot and will feel a lot more comfortable.
    4. To prevent blisters, plaster up those cute little toes before you start posing practice!
    5. Finally – Smile and enjoy wearing those sexy little babies! Your legs and tooshy will love you for choosing Pleaser!
    6. If you have a particularly wide foot, please consider ordering one size up for comfort. This is done entirely at your own discretion.